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Re: Question Ice (Zack Snyder)
Date: 13 Jun, 2013
From: Joel Long <Joel Long>

Hello Zach,

I do not immediately see anything obviously wrong with your ice definition, but there is an easy way to check: run your simulation with NIST water, and see if the results there are what you expect. If unexpected things are still happening, then your material is probably not your issue (though I would leave it as water until you were getting the results you expected, _then_ change it back to ice; debugging is all about isolating possible issues to examine individually).

It is difficult to make any suggestions beyond that without knowing A. what neutron physics you are trying to use and B. what type of anomalies you are seeing. If you haven't already, I suggest posting a new thread in the Physics List or Hadronic Processes forums with this information.

Hope this helps, Joel Long

On Tue, 16 Apr 2013 21:55:28 GMT, Zack Snyder wrote:

> Good evening,
> First, I apologize if this is a simple/dumb question.
> I am trying to define ice in geant4 and then shoot neutrons into the ice
> and get the track length. I have defined what I believe to be ice (and
> compared against water imported from nist material builder, with not
> much of a difference), however the professor that I am working under is
> questioning what I show him to be happening.
> Here is what I have in my
> density = 920*mg/cm3;
>  temperature = 216.15*kelvin;
>  G4Material* shape1_mat = new G4Material(name="shape1_mat", density, ncomponents=2, kStateSolid,temperature);
> shape1_mat->AddElement(elH, natoms=2);
> shape1_mat->AddElement(elO, natoms=1);
> G4ThreeVector pos1 = G4ThreeVector(0*m, 0*m, 0*m);
> G4double shape1_dx = 100*m, shape1_dy = 100*m, shape1_dz = 100*m;
>   G4Box* solidShape1 =
>     new G4Box("Shape1",                    
>          1*shape1_dx, 1*shape1_dy, 1*shape1_dz)
>   G4LogicalVolume* logicShape1 =
>     new G4LogicalVolume(solidShape1,         
>                         shape1_mat,          
>                         "Shape1");           
>   new G4PVPlacement(0,                      
>                     pos1,                    
>                     logicShape1,             
>                     "Shape1",                
>                     logicEnv,                
>                     false,                   
>                     0,                       
>                     checkOverlaps); 
> No errors arise when I run make, I just believe there to be an error
> somewhere in here that is causing an improper definition of ice, and
> therefore improper interactions with neutrons.
> Also, perhaps it is because I am forgetting to include a library
> necessary for neutrons in one of the other .cc or .hh files?
> Again, sorry if this question is dumb.
> Thanks, Zack

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