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Question Volume current position 

Forum: Geometry
Date: 04 Nov, 2012
From: C Mos <C Mos>


I have constructed my universe and then certain volumes (my gamma detectors and their respective shieldings) undergo rotation and translation. The code in the constructor looks like this:

    //GAMMA detector(s) Gdet
    pSolidGdet =new G4Tubs("SolidGdet",0.,radiusGdet,heightGdet, 0.,360.*deg);   

    G4LogicalVolume* pLogGdet =new G4LogicalVolume( pSolidGdet,materialGdet, "LogGdet", 0, 0, 0);

    //Shielding S1
    G4VSolid* pSolidS1      = new G4Box("SolidS1",depthS1,widthS1,heightS1);
    G4LogicalVolume* pLogS1 = new G4LogicalVolume( pSolidS1,materialS1, "LogS1", 0, 0, 0);

    G4String detName="PhysGdet_0";
    G4String S1name="PhysS1_0";
    for(G4int i=0;i<nGammaDetectors;i++){
      G4double phi,x,y,z;
      G4RotationMatrix rm;
      detName[detName.size()-1]+=1;  //increase label counter
      pPhysGdet =new G4PVPlacement( G4Transform3D(rm,G4ThreeVector(x, y, z)),
				    pLogGdet, detName, pLogAPIsys, 0, i);

      S1name[S1name.size()-1]+=1; //increase label counter
      G4VPhysicalVolume* pPhysS1 =new G4PVPlacement( G4Transform3D(rm,G4ThreeVector(x, y, z)),
						     pLogS1, S1name, pLogAPIsys, 0, i);

As you see, I have labeled my physical volumes as PhysGdet_i, where i is a counter based on the number of detectors. Is it possible to retrieve a specific detector's center position, for example by searching the physical volume by name and then retrieving their translation coordinates?

If I retrieve the object's center coordinate directly by accessing the physical volume, 1) I would get the coordinates in the world volume and 2) the return value would also take care of any other translation and rotation the object went through?

Thank you, Chris

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