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Forum: Geometry
Re: Question G4Region (Michael Douglass)
Re: None Re: G4Region (Makoto Asai)
Re: More Re: G4Region (Michael Douglass)
Date: 03 Sep, 2012
From: Makoto Asai <Makoto Asai>

First of all, please note that the default region is set to the world
logical volume after your detector construction returns the world
physical volume. Thus if you do

>  G4Region* deafultRegion = logicWorld->GetRegion();

in your detector construction, the world logical volume does not yet
have the valid pointer. Instead, there is a practical solution, though
it is not elegant. That is, the default region object is instantiated
by G4RunManagerKernel by its constructor and registered to G4RegionStore
by its unique name. Thus

 G4Region* deafultRegion = G4RegionStore::GetInstance()

should give you the valid pointer of the default region.


On 9/3/12 10:19 PM, "Michael Douglass" <>

>*** Discussion title: Geometry
>Hi Makoto,
>Thank you for your suggestion but I don't think that will work for my
>current application.
>The reason I am trying to set up this region configuration is so I can
>use the physics list from the Microdosimetry example. This physics list
>enables physics processes to be allocated by region.
>I am using the DNA physics list for the water volumes and would like the
>livermore physics processes to work in the inner box which is made of
>gold. Since the DNA physics list does not support any material other
>than water, I need the livermore physics list to function in the inner
>gold region.
>The Microdosimetery physics list uses the livermore physics list in
>"default region for the world" and DNA physics in the target region. I
>therefore need the inner gold box to be included in the
>"defaultRegionForTheWorld" and not be included as a daughter of the
>outer water box region or any other user defined region.
>So what I really need is a way to get a pointer to the "Default Region
>for the World" (as it appears in the geant4 verbose output) region so I
>can add the inner water box root logical volume.
>Is this possible?
>On Tue, 04 Sep 2012 04:58:55 GMT, Asai, Makoto wrote:
>> Hi,
>> You may define yet another region for your inner box.
>> If you do *not* specify any property to this inner region,
>> it inherits by definition all the properties from the
>> default region.
>> Makoto
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