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Forum: Geometry
Re: Question Still problem with BeamOn (Prasanna Rajbhandari)
Date: 09 Jul, 2012
From: John Apostolakis <John Apostolakis>

Dear Prasanna,

It seems that the problem comes from the definition of this replica:

    new G4PVReplica("Hole Layer", logicHoleLayer, logicAbsPlate, kYAxis, holeLayerN, holeLayerW,0);

It uses the following constructor

    G4PVReplica(const G4String& pName,
                      G4LogicalVolume* pLogical,
                      G4LogicalVolume* pMother,
                const EAxis pAxis,
                const G4int nReplicas,
                const G4double width,
                const G4double offset=0);

The definition of G4PVReplica means that
   the volume pMother ( logicAbsPlate => solidAbsPlate ) is sliced into  *nReplicas* pieces
   the size of these pieces in the Axis pAxis (=kYAxis)  must correspond exactly with the dimensions of the solid of pLogical ( = logicHoleLayer ) divided but *nReplicas*.

This does not appear to be the case:
        G4double halfGapX = 1.*m;
        G4double halfGapY = 1.*m;                               //    **********  This is LARGE
        G4double halfGapZ = airThickness/2.0;
G4Box*  solidAirPlate = new G4Box(name2, halfGapX, halfGapY, halfGapZ);

                G4double holeLayerN =10;  // 15.*cm*2./(75.*um);
                G4double holeLayerW = 75.*um;
The pieces into which you slice the mother volume must fill the replica exactly.  
So in this case 
      ( halfGapY * 2)   * holeLayerN      must equal      halfAbsY j   ( = 1.*m ) 
and it does not.

In case you get a similar error, I suggest to comment out parts of the geometry until you identify which additional volume created it (in case it is not reported.)  Also please include the text of the problem you have experienced in your posting.

I hope that this helps you to correct this issue.

John Apostolakis, SFT (SoFTware) Group, PH Department, CERN
Email:       Office Tel:  +41-22-767-7239

On Jul 9, 2012, at 5:59 PM, Prasanna Rajbhandari wrote:

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> This is my Detector Contruction files.
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> Still having this trouble.
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