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Re: None How is Base Material Optimized? (Youming Yang)
Re: None RE: How is Base Material Optimized? (Vladimir Ivanchenko)
Re: None Re: How is Base Material Optimized? (Youming Yang)
Date: 21 Jun, 2012
From: Vladimir Ivanchenko <Vladimir Ivanchenko>


For some reason my recent reply is not seen in HyperNews, so I am reposting answers below:

> I would like to confirm two things:
> 1.  Does buildmaterialwithnewdensity work for custom (non NIST) materials such as where I add individual
> elements

Should work for any base material

> 2a.  For a parameterized geometry where the Material scan needs to create all the tables, how should I give it
> materials?  Should I give it my 18 base materials, or should I give it my 4000+?

if parametrized geometry is used all 4000 materials should be known to geometry independently if base material approach is used or not. To control correctness you need to dump material-cuts-couple list with cuts, which should include all materials. If you use base material approach at initialisation cross sections, dedx, range will be precomputed only for base materials but all other materials should be in place. If your derived materials will be used in different G4Regions from the base material then tables will be computed for this materials, so no initialisation saving. So, you need to be sure that the base and all derived are in the same G4Region.

> 2b.  Additionally, will Geant4 automatically know that tissues[i] and tissues[i+1]  are the same material with
> different density scaling?  Or will I need to enforce that somehow under my parameterized ComputeMaterial
> section?

Everything should work automatically. All materials should be instantiated before geometry is created and physics initialised.


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