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None Defining LYSO:Ce Crystal 

Forum: Geometry
Date: 06 Feb, 2011
From: Davinder Siwal <Davinder Siwal>

Hii Geant4 Users

I have defindes a LYSO crystal in my simulation but i am not confident on my defininition Please tell me that whether i am doing it correctly or not

so I have a LYSO crystal with formula Lu_2(1-x)Y_2xSiO_5:Ce in which x is given to be 10% and Ce is given to be 5% mole faction

so for x = 10% my formula become Lu_1.8Y_0.2SiO_5:Ce and i assume that total mole is 1. therefore Ce and Lu_1.8Y_0.2SiO_5 moles will be 0.005 and .995 respectively .First i calculate the mas fraction of each component of Lu_1.8Y_0.2SiO_5 and did

G4Material *Scint_mat = new G4Material("Scint", density=7.4*g/cm3, nel = 4);
  Scint_mat->AddElement(Lu, 71*perCent);
  Scint_mat->AddElement(Si, 7*perCent);
  Scint_mat->AddElement(O, 18*perCent);   
  Scint_mat->AddElement(Y, 4*perCent);

then i calculate the Ce mass using Avogadro hypothesis and did the same for Lu_1.8Y_0.2SiO_5 and calculate their mass fraction.I did the implementation in geant4 as

G4Material *LYSO = new G4Material("LYSO", density=7.4*g/cm3, nel = 2); LYSO->AddMaterial(Scint_mat, 99.81*perCent); LYSO->AddElement(Ce, 0.19*perCent);

and I keep the density of "Scint" and LYSO same

any comments will be greately appereciated

With Regard

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