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Re: Question G4PVReplica with G4Para or G4Trap (Dragos Constantin)
Date: 04 Dec, 2010
From: Dragos Constantin <Dragos Constantin>

There is a so called "Sanity check on extent" in


In there "fminExtent" reffers to the solid extent along the axis under consideration in the plane which contains the center of the parallelipiped. On the other hand "emin" is the extent of the solid projected on the axis under consideration. If the parellelipiped is tilted then fabs(emin) is bigger than fabs(fminExtent) and the test fails. If the parallelipiped is not tilted then fminExtent=emin (idealy).

Again, I am not sure if this is a bug or not. The affine transform from is not taken into account in the sanity check procedure from and this is why the discrepancy. For now I will increase the 0.05 limit in the sanity check because I know that my geometry is correct but this is definitely not the solution.



On Sat, 04 Dec 2010 23:55:06 GMT, Dragos Constantin wrote:

> Dear All,
> I try to build a 2D (XY) Cartesian array of parallelipipeds. The parallelipiped angles are (0, 30*deg, 90*deg). The thing is the geometry gets generated correctly (I can visualize it wiyth Open Inventor) but when I try to run the beam I receive the following error:
> --------------
> ERROR - G4SmartVoxelHeader::BuildReplicaVoxels()
>         Replicated geometry, logical volume: logicalXReplica_name
> *** G4Exception : FatalError
>       issued by : G4SmartVoxelHeader::BuildReplicaVoxels
> Sanity check: wrong solid extent.
> *** Fatal Exception *** core dump ***
> *** G4Exception: Aborting execution ***
> Aborted
> --------------
> In this case the replicated geometry logical volume name is logicalXReplica_name, but if I change the azimutahl angle from 90 to 0 the repported error volume is the mother volume to be divided.
> So, the mother volume gets filled with replicas (there is no doubt about this) and the geometry is constructed corectly but the only case that works is when the polar angle is 0, i.e. when my paralelipiped is in fact a box.
> Is this a bug or is just that the replication must be performed on surfaces perpendicular to the cartesian axes?
> What should I do the replicate these parallelipipeds?
> Thank you for you help.
> Dragos
> PS. Originally I thought G4Trap was the problem but I get the same behavoior for trapezoids as well.

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