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Re: Question G4Sphere::DistanceToOut(p,v,..) Undefined side ... (Hossein AFSHARPOUR)
Re: None Re: G4Sphere::DistanceToOut(p,v,..) Undefined side ... (Vladimir Grichine)
Date: 24 Mar, 2010

Hi The geaometry consists of 1000 spherical concentric shells with 1mm thickness. The dose is scored in each shell. Here is a part of the code:

// Mother spherical volume

G4VSolid* sphereSolid = new G4Sphere("Sphere_Solid", innerRadius, outerRadius, 0.*deg, 360.*deg, 0.*deg, 180.*deg); G4LogicalVolume* sphereLogical = new G4LogicalVolume(sphereSolid, world_material, "Sphere_Logical"); new G4PVPlacement(0, G4ThreeVector(0.,0.,0.), sphereLogical, "Volume_Physical", fpWorldLogical, false, 0);

// constructing 1000 Parametrised shells with 1 mm thickness. // Scoring shells

G4double deltaR = 1.*mm;

G4VSolid* scoreSolid = new G4Sphere("Score_Solid",   // Name
                                        innerRadius,   // Inner radius
                                        outerRadius,   // Outer radius
                                        0.*deg,        // Starting phi
                                        360.*deg,      // Delta phi    
                                        0.*deg,       // Starting theta
                                        180.*deg);     // Delta theta

G4LogicalVolume* fScoreLogical = new G4LogicalVolume(scoreSolid, world_material, "scoreLog");

ScoreParameterisation* param = new ScoreParameterisation(innerRadius, outerRadius, deltaR);

new G4PVParameterised("scorePhys",   // Name
                         fScoreLogical, // Logical volume
                         sphereLogical, // Mother volume
                         kZAxis,        // Axis
                         1000,            // Number of replicas 
                         param);        // Parameterisation

// Construct scoring components SetupScoring(fScoreLogical);

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