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None pixel parameterisation + multiple parameterised volumes 

Forum: Geometry
Date: 22 Feb, 2010
From: <mikeCV>


I'm posting on this forum for a problem that I've met in a pixel parameterisation. Before speaking about the parameterisation, I will explain the geometry of the pixel matrix I want to reconstruct.

Each pixel is composed of an empty pixel volume in wich is included a sensor volume, a bumpbonding volume, a chip and a support frame.

With two loops I can easily make a matrix of pixels. The only problem with that method is the memory. So, to use less memory, I wanted to use some parameterisation. The other reason for the parameterisation is that some pixels must have a width of 300Ám and others a width of 400Ám, wich can be done with the ComputeDimensions method. For this, there is no problems.

The problems come when I want to parameterise the other volumes wich must be contained inside the empty pixel volume : only a nestedparameterised volume can be included inside another parameterised volume AND a parameterised volume must be the only volume inside the mothervolume. So here, I have a problem : I cannot include the different volumes inside the pixel. Another problem is that I've tried to include only the sensor nestedparameterised volume inside the pixel volume, but to define the width of the sensor, I need to access the copynumber of the pixel parameterised volume. And that, I don't know how to do it... I know how I can find the motherlogicalvolume, but I don't know how to get the motherphysicalvolume (with that one, I could use the GetCopyNo method).

Anyone knows how to include multiple parameterised volumes inside another paramererised volume?

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