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Forum: Geometry
Re: Question G4TessellatedSolid (Amanda Leung)
Date: 18 Feb, 2010
From: John Apostolakis <John Apostolakis>

Dear Amanda,

The constructor you are using for G4LogicalVolume is correct.

G4LogicalVolume( G4VSolid*             pSolid,
                     G4Material*           pMaterial,
                     const G4String&       Name, ...

It seems that one of the parameters you are passing to it is not of  
the type expected.
Likely the material  'Ar' is not a pointer to a material  ?

Else maybe you did not include the G4LogicalVolume.hh header file ?

If neither of these suggestions help, please look a bit more and then  
post the compiler error that you get.

Best regards,

On Feb 18, 2010, at 12:37 AM, Amanda Leung wrote:

> *** Discussion title: Geometry
> I created a G4TessellatedSolid, but I am having trouble to place it  
> into
> a Logical Volume.
> First I used this function:
> G4LogicalVolume* experimentalHall_log
>    = new G4LogicalVolume(experimentalHall_box,Ar,"expHall_log");
> But it gives me an error.
> So I tried to use this example:
> G4LogicalVolume( G4VSolid*             pSolid,
>                     G4Material*           pMaterial,
>                     const G4String&       Name,
>                     G4FieldManager*       pFieldMgr=0,
>                     G4VSensitiveDetector* pSDetector=0,
>                     G4UserLimits*         pULimits=0,
>                     G4bool                Optimise=true )
> Should I use the second one instead?
> Therefore, I want to ask how can I add material onto  
> G4TessellatedSolid?
> -------------------------------------------------------------
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