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Question Particle Question (Novice Level) 

Forum: Event and Track Management
Date: 30 Jul, 2008
From: E Askan <E Askan>

I have posted this question in both the tracking and hit sections, as those sections seem closely related enough so that a question like this could belong in either one. Of course, any insight someone has in either forum would be highyl appreciated.

I am working on a Cerenkov simulation that uses Cerenkov electrons to set a beam of photons towards a set of 4 mirrors and reflect into PMTs. I also have a metal plane positioned in front of the four mirrors that photons can either pass through or kill, presuming I make the threshold energy for the photons to be killed high enough. The plane I have in front of the 4 mirrors is drawn as follows:

G4double Plane_x = 4.0*m;
  G4double Plane_y = 4.0*m;
  G4double Plane_z = 0.25*m;

  G4Box* MirPlane
     = new G4Box("MirPlane",Plane_x,Plane_y,Plane_z);

G4LogicalVolume *logicMirPlane;
  logicMirPlane = new G4LogicalVolume( solidCerMirPlane , Cu , "MirPlane", 0 , 0 , 0 );

  G4double planeposX = 0;
  G4double planeposY = 0;
  G4double planeposZ = -MirrRadii * cos( MirrTiltAngle ) + MirrZpos + 1.0 *cm ;

G4VPhysicalVolume *physMirPlane;
  physMirPlane = new G4PVPlacement( 0 , G4ThreeVector( planeposX , planeposY, planeposZ ), logicMirPlane , "plane" , logicCerMirPlane , false , 0 );

Now, I was wondering if anyone knew how to create program code that causes all photons that pass through this plane to be "killed" and then records and prints out all of the photons that pass through this plane. I was under the impression that you can set up an arbitrarily determined plane, as I have here to be placed in front of 4 Cerenkov mirrors, and have all photons that pass through it be "killed" and for all photons killed in the plane to be recorded.

I also cannot recall offhand the code needed for geant4 to record all photons that enter the PMTs-this is after the plane is removed, the goal is to compare the number of photons collected by the PMTs to the # of photons passing through the plane in front of the mirror. So if anyone has the code for recording all photons that enter the PMTs and printing it, that would be appreciated.

Thanks for providing this forum.

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