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None How to access to G4VSolid* in StackingAction()? 

Forum: Event and Track Management
Date: 21 Oct, 2007
From: <>

I am trying to figure out if the primary vertex will hit the mirror. If
not, I will kill this event in StackingAction(), and I'm going to use
G4VSolid->DistantToIn(p,v). But the problem is that I can't get the solid information. 

This is the way I am doing ( I just type all the main part )
First, Create a UserDefined Class corresponding geo info.

class Geo()
         G4VSolid* GetGeoSolid() {return fSolid;}
         void SetGeoSolid(G4VSolid* aSolid){ fSolid=aSolid; }
         G4String GetGeoName() { return fName; }

         G4VSolid* fSolid;
         G4String fName;
Second, I create a UserDefined Manager corresponding to detector part

Class UserManager()

        vector<Geo> GetMirror() { return mirror; }
        static UserManager* GetUserManager();
        static UserManager* fUserManager();

        vector<Geo> mirror;

Third, I set mirror solid in

UserManager* Userman=UserManager::GetUserManager();
vector<Geo> MirrorObj=Userman->GetMirror();
G4VSolid* mir_solid=(blablabla)


Last, I try to read this mirror in StackingAction()

UserManager* Userman=UserManager::GetUserManager();
vector<Geo> MirrorObj=Userman->GetMirror();

//So far, everything is fine. I see the output. 
//Problem happens next line. It's exactly same with the code I written

//Here the program gives me Segmentation fault error.

I guess MirrorObj lost the G4VSolid* var outside the DetectorConstruction

But I have no idea how to read it and let it in the memory. Or I have
to create UserDefined G4SolidStore() since I found the source code of
this class in our database has no GetSolid() method which really 
annoied me.

I use Geant4.8.0 and don't have the root privilage to install 4.9.0.

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