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Question No constructors with chemical formular in version 5.0 (G4Material)? 

Keywords: G4Material, detector construction, chemical formular
Forum: Event and Track Management
Date: 16 Dec, 2002
From: Elena Novikova <Elena Novikova>

I am not sure this is the proper forum, but I couldn't find a better 
place for my question. 

As stated in the Release Notes of Geant4 5.0, the Materials setup 
procedure was changed. Specifically, 
"G4Material: removed constructors with chemical formula."

If I understand the terminology correctly, this is the constructor 
I was using a lot. For example, here is how I used to make water:

    G4String name;                      // name of an element
    G4String symbol;                    // chemical symbol of an element
    G4double a = 0.;                    // mass of a mole; 
    G4double z = 0.;                    // number of protons; 
    G4double density = 0.;              // density; 
    G4int    nComponents = 0;	        // number of components in a material
    G4int    nAtoms = 0;                // number of atoms in a molecule
    G4State  state = kStateUndefined;   // state of the material

    // -- Elements
    name   = "Hydrogen";
    symbol = "H";
    z      = 1.;
    a      = 1.01*g/mole;
    G4Element* H  = new G4Element(name, symbol, z, a);

    name   = "Oxygen";
    symbol = "O";
    z      = 8.;
    a      = 16.00*g/mole;
    G4Element* O  = new G4Element(name, symbol, z, a);

    // -- Material from elements: chemical molecule
    // Create a material from a combination of elements and/or materials 
    // subsequently added via AddElement and/or AddMaterial
    name        = "Water";
    density     = 1.000*g/cm3;
    nComponents = 2;
    state       = kStateLiquid;
    G4Material* H2O = new G4Material(name, density, nComponents, state);
    H2O->AddElement(H, nAtoms = 2);
    H2O->AddElement(O, nAtoms = 1);

If this method is not available in Genat4 5.0, what are the 
recommendations for creating such thing as water (not to mention all 
other chemical compounds)?  (Heck, I really liked the method I used 
above, and if it is really gone, that's a pity).

Thanks in advance,
-- Elena.

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