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None Total Scintillation Events 

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Date: 02 May, 2007
From: Sean Jones <Sean Jones>

I've read the following message:

However, because I am using the GATE interface to simulate, I was wondering if I could perform a calculation on an ASCII output file to count the total number of optical photons generated by gammas and betas.

I am using the low energy physics models.

I am trying to use the data from the amount of energy deposited in a step in order to calculate the number of optical photons created. In order to simplify analysis, I've set the resolution of my scintillators such that there is no statistical distribution of photons created/energy deposited.

I believe this means I should be able to sum up the energy deposited by certain interactions, multiply this value my by scintillation yield (y's/MeV) in order to determine the # of photons created.

I thought this would be effective, but my understanding must be incomplete as I am not certain what processes to consider in my analysis.

In analysis of the data file I am not sure about the processes I must combine and their energies deposited in order achieve an appropriate value.

For beta's (energies ~300-900keV) I assumed sum of the msc or eIonization events would be sufficient to determine the energy used to cause scintillations.

For gammas (energies ~30-250keV) I assumed that a combination of energies deposited form msc, eIonization, and/or LowEnergyCompton events would somehow be sufficient.

I am running separate simulations for gammas and betas, for simplicity of analysis, and working with theses numbers I am not achieving what I consider reasonable values.

I would really appreciate any help you may have to offer in regards to determining the # of photons created for both or either my gamma and beta simulations.

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