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Question A fatal error occurs---core dumped! 

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Forum: Event and Track Management
Date: 22 Oct, 2006
From: Joey <>

I write a program and compile it without error happening, while when I use the compiled .exe file to simulate experiment, a sneak fatal error comes up.

What confuses me a lot is that the error always occurs when I calculate a large numbers of events, with less events, it doesn't appear.

When my application crashes, a file named myApp.exe.stackdump is created at the sametime in the directory with contents as follows:

Exception: STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION at eip=00B9B72C
eax=00000028 ebx=0A068808 ecx=0022E150 edx=0022E160 esi=0A0688E8 edi=0A0686E0 ebp=0022E198 esp=0022E110 program=c:\geant4\geant4.6.0.p01\bin\WIN32-g++\he3.exe, pid 1124, thread main cs=001B ds=0023 es=0023 fs=003B gs=0000 ss=0023 Stack trace: Frame Function Args 0022E198 00B9B72C (0022E294, 00000028, 0A1D0CDC, 0022E334) 0022E2C8 00406DD5 (0A1206D0, 0A068808, C9AC77F8, 403C3C62) 0022E308 0095B5D1 (0A0686E0, 0DE29968, 0DE175D0, 0A0685A0) 0022E398 0094C49D (0A0686B8, 0DE29968, 00000000, 0A066680) 0022E418 0091A3BD (0A068678, 0A066680, 0022E4C8, 008EC6B3) 0022E428 0091AB83 (0A068678, 0A066680, 0022E448, 00000000) 0022E4C8 008EC6B3 (0A0685A0, 05F5E101, 00000000, FFFFFFFF) 0022E4E8 008EBD9D (0A0685A0, 05F5E101, 00000000, FFFFFFFF) 0022E6B8 009006B8 (0A0777D0, 0A078B48, 0022E790, 00000000) 0022E848 00A8EAF2 (0A078B48, 0022E960, 0022E990, 00000002) 0022E9B8 00A8257F (0A068C18, 0022EA60, 0022EA20, 00000020) 0022EB78 00AA520D (0D7ACB60, 0DBF8E6C, 0D7AC6B0, 0022ECE0) 0022EBD8 00A7F739 (0A068C18, 0DBF8E6C, 00DC1650, 00ECF2EC) 0022EC08 00AB040F (0A068DA8, 0A069A80, 0022ECE0, 00000000) 0022ED98 00A8EAF2 (0A069A80, 0022EEB0, 0022EEE0, 00000002) 0022EF08 00A8257F (0A068C18, 00401072, 0038001C, 00000002) End of stack trace (more stack frames may be present)

Sorry to disturb you developers again. Thanks in advance.

ps: I find G4 programming is a enigmatic subject. Is there 
any textbook on it on the market?

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