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Question neutron at rest decay 

Keywords: neutron at rest decay
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Date: 04 Nov, 2004
From: Emil Frlez <Emil Frlez>

 Dear GEANT4 practitioners,

 I have a problem decaying neutrons.
 I am interested in simulating the beta decay of neutron 
 at rest: n -> p e- nu

 I use examples/extended/electromagnetic/TestEm5
 as a template.

 OK, in order to set the global time at zero at decay I
 set the neutron lifetime to a very small value:

/particle/select neutron /particle/property/stable false /particle/property/lifetime 1.E-20

 It works and my neutron decays essentially instantaneously.

 The problem is, the final-state proton is never tracked, 
 actually it never appears as a decay product at all if the
 initial neutron kinetic energy is zero. The electron
 and neutrino are handled correctly and appear on the stack.
 I check it by printing the global times, energies, particles'
 ID from the

 Only if I set the initial neutron kinetic energy to 
 non-zero, proton appears.

 I have the following user cuts in DetectorConstruction

G4double theMaxStepSize = 0.1 * mm; G4double theMaxTime = 0.001 * s; G4double theMinEkine = 1.0 * eV;

 (new G4UserLimits(theMaxStepSize,
                   DBL_MAX,        // theMaxLengthCut
                   theMaxTime,        // theMaxTimeCut

 I check that if a particle selected in the
 is the proton, it is tracked if its kinetic energy is above 1 eV.
 But it is not put on stack if proton_KE< 1 eV, regardless
 of my seting of theMinEkine?

 My question: because in the neutron decay at rest, the proton
 kinetic energy is up to 0.8 keV, why it is NEVER put
 on a stack in the decay process? What is the variable,
 a cut, I am not setting right?

					Cheers, Emil Frlez

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