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None Bug? G4UserSpecialCuts kills stopping particles 

Forum: Event and Track Management
Date: 01 Sep, 2004
From: Daniel Barna <Daniel Barna>


I encountered the following problem: I have set up G4UserLimits to my physical volumes, to limit the track length or time (whatever), and I have left the MinEkine and MinRange fields of this UserLimits class at its default value (0). Then I found much less eplus annihilations than before, so I increased the timelimit and track length cuts to their default (DBL_MAX): now everything is at its default value, so I would expect that in this case using or not using these (dummy) G4UserLimits should make no difference. But it still does: there are less eplus annihilations.

I *guess* the problem is the following:

1. If I don't use G4UserLimits, or do not add the G4UserSpecialCuts process to my particles, the positrons, when they loose all their energy and stop, nicely annihilate

2. If I use G4UserLimits and add the G4UserSpecialCuts process to my particles, and leave the MinEkin and MinRange at their default values (0), then the process G4UserSpecialCuts proposes a step length, during which the particles loose their energy completely, and stop.In many cases this process is the winner, and its PostStepDoIt function is called for the particles - which KILLS the particles, not leaving time for their annihilation. I think the G4UserSpecialCuts process should ignore the particle range or minimum kin. energy cuts, if they are set to 0, and only use them, if they are set to a positive value. Otherwise the above problem occurs.

I tried to validate the above assumption by deriving a class from G4UserSpecialCuts, and registering this process for the particles, instead of G4UserSpecialCuts. I overwrote the PostStepGetPhysicalInteractionLength function of G4UserSpecialCuts, so I could cut out that piece of code, which suggests a steplength based on the energy or range of the particle. If I did this, the number of positron annihilations became the same as if I did not use any UserLimits.

However, I am a newbie to geant4, so I might be wrong. Does anybody have any other idea, why 'dummy' UserLimits change the number of positron annihilations?



-- some more comments:

I have got one more idea: the process ordering might play an important role here. The page has an example: pmanager->AddProcess(new G4UserSpecialCuts(),-1,-1,1); which I also used. I thought now that this example might be wrong, and G4UserSpecialCuts should not be the first process (as here), but the last one, so I changed the last argument to ordLast. To my greatest surprise the number of eplus annihilations further decreased in this case.

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