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Question Seg Fault in G4VProcess::GetProcessName() ??? 

Keywords: G4VProcess GetProcessName seg fault G4String
Forum: Event and Track Management
Date: 23 Mar, 2004
From: Andrea Sharp <>

I am using Geant4, version 4.4.0 and gcc version 2.95.4.
I am trying to call the function G4VProcess::GetProcessName() on a G4VProcess pointer:

G4cout<<"I am here before stepProcess"<<G4endl;

const G4VProcess* process = aStep-> GetPreStepPoint()-> GetProcessDefinedStep();

G4cout<<"Looking up name of process ..........."<<G4endl;
G4String stepProcessName = process->GetProcessName();
G4cout<<"This process was "<<stepProcessName<<G4endl;

which produces the output:

I am here before stepProcess
Looking up name of process ...........
<<<<< and then it seg faults! >>>>>>

Can anyone tell me why this seg fault occurs? Is it an incorrect
call of the function, or something else? Any help is sincerely appreciated.

Thank you,
Andrea Sharp

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