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Re: Question Calculate deposit from child track with condition (Alexey Solovyev)
Re: None Re: Calculate deposit from child track with condition (Makoto Asai)
Date: 15 Nov, 2017
From: Alexey Solovyev <Alexey Solovyev>

Thank you for the answer,
it seems pretty the same idea that was in second tips and tricks link. But I'm not still sure about implementation. It will definitely work for the particles which born below limit, I put a flag at PreUserTrackingAction and propagate it at PostUserTrackingActions. But that's not the only way how I get particles. E.g. for my primary track:
Step#    X(mm)    Y(mm)    Z(mm) KinE(MeV)  dE(MeV) StepLeng TrackLeng  NextVolume ProcName
    0    -9.39     -300    -4.27        14        0        0         0     worldPV initStep
    1    -13.5     -275    -6.44        14        0     25.4      25.4     leafPVL Transportation
    2    -15.1     -265    -7.31        14        0     10.2      35.6     leafPVL Transportation
   26      140      118     2.03    0.0162   0.0103     8.52       488    watBoxPV hadElastic
   27      131      123   -0.544    0.0028   0.0134     10.9       499    watBoxPV hadElastic     <-- somewhere here I'm putting a flag from UserSteppingAction to UserTrackInformation
   28      131      124    -3.24   0.00231 0.000492     2.75       502    watBoxPV hadElastic

   35      350     74.6     20.3  9.42e-05        0      208       735  OutOfWorld Transportation
Track (trackID 1, parentID 0) is processed with stopping code 2

After that at PostUserTrackingAction I will have a flag at associated UserTrackInformation and list of all secondaries from all steps, but I definitely need only that were born at steps 27+. Maybe I can put an exact TrackID of secondary particle instead of flag, but here I'm not sure that they exist by this time. I didn't follow the source code, but from book for toolkit developers it's not clear, "The parentID and the process pointer which created this track are set" and nothing about the Track ID itself. Also potentially IDs might change from StackingAction.

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