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None Spread of starting particle angles from particle gun. 

Forum: Event and Track Management
Date: 18 Apr, 2016
From: Christopher Walker <Christopher Walker>

  OS: Microsoft Windows 7;
  CMake version: 3.5.1 ;
  Geant4 version: 10.02.p01 ;
  Compiler: MS Visual Studio 14 (2015) ;

I made this posting under "Documentation and Examples", but perhaps it is better under "Events and Track Management" I am running the microelectronics example. I have extended the number of particles in the example to 200 and using just electrons of 30keV. Looking at the visualisation output I was expecting to a see a thin solid horizontal line representing the primary input electrons which are then scattered in the Si block. However, I see that there seems to be a cone of electrons with a range of angles of about 15 degrees being emitted from the particle gun. The PrimaryGeneratorAction class seems to specify a simple particle gun and the microelectronics.mac file does not specify anything unusual for the gun. Can someone explain to me why I should see a spray of electrons apparently being emitted from the gun rather than electrons being emitted in a straight line ?

I have attached a view (in orthogonal view) of the output screen in my original posting - the link is below. The two vertical red lines indicate the limit of the Si block which the e- beam strikes. The rest should be vacuum.

My PrimaryGeneratorAction code (source and header) is the same as the original example.

The microelectronics.mac file is as below: /control/execute vis.mac /control/execute icons.mac /tracking/verbose 0

#/gun/particle ion
#/gun/ion 20 48 15
/gun/particle e- /gun/energy 30 keV

#/run/numberOfThreads 2 #if MT is activated

/run/initialize /run/beamOn 200

The file is as below: /tracking/verbose 0 /run/verbose 2 /process/eLoss/verbose 1

#/gun/particle proton
#/gun/energy 50 MeV
#/run/beamOn 1
#/gun/particle alpha
#/gun/position 0 0 0 mm
#/gun/energy 20 keV
#/run/beamOn 1

Many thanks in advance



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