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None Issue with Pythia8 tracks and PrimaryVertex generation 

Forum: Event and Track Management
Date: 02 Oct, 2015
From: Maksym <Maksym>

Dear Geant4 Experts,

I want to generate pp collision events in Pythia8 and then import them in G4. This has been done using the following Geant4 examples:



So, I manage to create a new interface for Pythia8 which use HepMC event class with the help of the example 41 of Pythia8.1, as was explained on one of threads on this forum. But once I tried to use this events in my Geant4 experimental setup I do not see any tracks, in addition there are no response from my SensitiveDetectors. If I will use just HepMC and Pythia6 interfaces as in the HepMCEx01 and HepMCEx02 everything would be fine. What I'm doing wrong?

After playing around with these examples I noticed that SetParticlePosition(G4ThreeVector(x,y,z)) option has no affect on the generation of the PrimaryVertex coordinates, which looks weird. For instance, events for HepMC and Pythia6 examples always generated at (0,0,0) with respect to the world coordinates space. So, I dived a bit more into Geant4 examples and dig out this tutorial:



HEPEvt->SetParticlePosition(G4ThreeVector(x,y,z)); makes affect!

The question arises: What should be adjusted in the HepMCEx01 and HepMCEx02 examples in order to change the coordinates of the PrimaryVertex? Because, currently I have come just to ad hoc solution of this issue, one may shift the whole experimental setup with respect to (0,0,0) along the beam axis(z-axis), but right now I do not know is it an appropriate thing to do.

Thanks in advance, Max

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