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Question Re: User Specified Radioactive Decay File 

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Re: Question User Specified Radioactive Decay File (Chelsea Bartram)
Date: Dec 16, 14:45
From: Giuseppe Caporaso <Giuseppe Caporaso>

On Sun, 19 Jul 2015 01:41:37 GMT, Chelsea Bartram wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm trying to use my own custom radioactive data file with the
> /grdm/setRadioactiveDecayFile. The goal of this is to modify the
> half-life of an existing radioactive decay. I define my file which is
> simply UserRadData_z11.a22 (a modified version of the one which exists
> in the Geant database--z11.a22--I have simply changed the half-life).
> Then, in my macro, I call /grdm/setRadioactiveDecayFile
> UserRadData_z11.a22. I make sure to print out the time after every step
> in my simulation to the screen. When I do this, however, I can see that
> the GlobalTime corresponds to a half-life of about 2 years (the
> half-life specified in the z11.a22 without my modification, ie the
> natural half-life of sodium-22). It seems as though my code is using
> z11.a22 rather than UserRadData_z11.a22. I thought perhaps it wasn't
> able to find my file. I tried running my code and giving it a bad file
> name to see if it prints any errors to the screen in that case and
> indeed, it does. So, my code seems to be able to find my
> UserRadData_z11.a22 file ok, and yet it is still using the half-life
> specified in the original file. How can this be? Does anyone have any
> suggestions as to how to make this work? Additionally, I made sure that
> I called the /grdm/setRadioactiveDecayFile command BEFORE calling any
> /gps commands in my macro, as recommended in the Geant4 example,
> rdecay02, which I used as a reference. Any help would be much
> appreciated. I can attach more code if needed.
> Thank you,
> Chelsea
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Hi Chelsea,

I'm in a very similar position to you, but instead of changing decay times it's decay frequency for me. Currently I have no real solution myself but I was wondering whether you were able to eventually fix the problem or at least find out some more details?

Thanks, Giuseppe

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