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Forum: Event and Track Management
Re: Question Arbitrary Position Distribution With G4GeneralParticleSource
Date: 23 Apr, 2015
From: Marc Verderi <Marc Verderi>

Dear Anders,

Your source has a beautiful pattern ! ;)

I second Andrew's suggestion for you to write your own 
PrimaryGeneratorAction class. Your pattern looks too advanced for GPS. 
You will have to implement the GeneratePrimaries method, which is called 
at the beginning of each event. Here you can use the G4ParticleGun 
utility, specifying emission point and time, and particle 
characteristics. The actual things to be created are vertices + 
particles coming from each of these vertices. The vertices have to be 
given the the G4Event in argument. G4ParticleGun is a utility for that, 
as GPS is.

One thing is that you are able to get a 2D display of the source: does 
it come from an analytic pattern, or an other simulation tool, etc. ? 
The idea would be to exploit this (display, or analytical form, 
whatever) as 2D input + intensity to sample your distribution.


On 04/21/2015 04:55 PM, wrote:
> *** Discussion title: Event and Track Management
> Hi,
> I have a particle source that I'd like to implement using the
> G4GeneralParticleSource class. I have managed to get the energy and
> angular distributions right. The problem is the particle position. The
> source is shaped like a disc, but the emission probability is not
> uniform across that disc (see attached). Is there any way to bias the
> position accordingly? Looking at the code, the position is generated by
> drawing two random numbers (x and y) and then making sure that the
> corresponding position is within the radius of the disc. The x and y
> values can be biased separately, but this is not enough to construct an
> arbitrary 2D pattern.
> If I were to employ a G4ParticleGun instead, I could get the desired
> behavior by using my 2D distribution to generate the position at random
> in the GeneratePrimaries function. This does not seem to work for
> G4GeneralParticleSource. Unless I use one of the predefined shapes, it
> defaults to emitting particles from the origin.
> Is there any way to make G4GeneralParticleSource generate positions from
> an arbitrary 2D distribution?
> // Anders
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