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Question Core dump on unknown interaction 

Keywords: core dump on specifc unknown interactions
Forum: Event and Track Management
Date: 11 Dec, 2003
From: Kareem Kazkaz <>

Hello everyone.

I have a simple geometry (particle gun pointed at a planar shield with a detector on the far side...any particle entering the detector is recorded and its track is fStopAndKilled in UserSteppingAction).

I am using the Underground Physics list submitted by Alex Howard with a few tweaks: I increase the interaction length to 0.1mm for all particles, and I create all particles using the general particle constructors

I am running Geant4.5.2.p02 with a fully-patched Red Hat 9.0 system and gcc3.2.2.

I set the particle energy to 1 keV and the shield to 1mm of Lead.

When I run with gammas, electrons, or protons, the simulation runs just fine. However, when I run with mu- or neutrons, I get a core dump.

I set the randomization seed to time(NULL), and the simulation core dumps after a somewhat random number of primary vertices being generated (usually a couple dozen, but up to a couple hundred), which makes me believe the user code I'm running is ok, and the simulation only runs into a problem on specific kinds of particle interactions. I have set checkpoints, and the core dump seems to be occuring between SteppingAction::UserSteppingAction and EventAction::EndOfEventAction.

My question is how do I go about determining what might be causing this core dump? I am unclear as to where to set checkpoints in the simulation code to track down the culprit. What functions/methods are called after UserSteppingAction but before EndOfEventAction?

Thank you for any suggestions.

Kareem Kazkaz

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