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Re: Question Energy deposited step by step (Manuel Castro Avila)
Date: 26 Mar, 2014
From: Gumplinger Peter <Gumplinger Peter>

Hi Manuel,

> I am interesting in the energy deposited by the particles when move
> through different volumes until search the detector. Checking the Geant4
> documentation, I understand that every particle when interact is
> represented by a G4Track class where the primary has TrackID=1 and
> ParentID=0, am I right?

Correct (if there is only one primary).

> Now, if the primary generates a new particle,
> this particle has a TrackID>1 and ParentID=1 because was generared by a
> particle with TrackID=1?

Correct (again, when there is only one primary). TrackIDs are generated to be unique. So, for a new G4Track it'll get the next not already used track number.

> In order to get the energy deposited, I use the G4Step class to get it
> (that evolves step by step until the particle tracking finish),

The G4Step object only holds information about the current step!

> but if a
> check the static particle attributes of that track, some times the
> energy deposited is due to the primary particle and some times due to
> secondaries.

What do you mean by 'static particle attributes'? Those are what's in G4ParticleDefinition.

> I don't understand very well how it work..? For example,
> when gamma photons interact with a material, some times the energy
> deposited is due to the gamma photon and some times due to electrons, I
> know that photons when interact produce electrons, but I don't
> understand what mean when Geant4 shows that energy deposited is due to
> photons (some tracks) and some times is due to electrons...?

This comes about from your "production threshold". Any secondary particle that processes might generate but which is below your set production threshold will not be explicitly produced. The total energy of those secondaries is attributed as energy loss to the primary - in this case the photon. I hope this is clear - if not please read the documentation where this point is thoroughly explained.


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