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None g4generalparticlesource gun alignment 

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Date: 17 Oct, 2003
From: Jeremy McCormick <Jeremy McCormick>

I am using G4GeneralParticleSource to originate particles 
at the same point position with a randomized theta, 
and eventually phi, too.  This gives me a randomized firing cone.

I can get the firing pattern I want, but it is not aligned with my detector,
which is based at 0,0,0.  

Previously, I fired particles along the Z axis with 
direction (0,0,-1), starting at (0,0,1990).  Now I want to give a 
slight x/y value for direction, i.e. randomized theta and phi.

Here is the gps macro I am using:

/gps/verbose 2
/gps/particle pi+
/gps/number 1

/gps/position 0 0 199 cm
/gps/type Point

# iso cos planar beam1d beam2d user
/gps/angtype cos
/gps/angrot1 1 0 0
/gps/angrot2 1 1 0
/gps/mintheta 0 deg
/gps/maxtheta 10 deg

/gps/minphi 0 deg
/gps/maxphi 0 deg

/gps/energytype Lin
/gps/emin 2 GeV
/gps/emax 10 GeV
/gps/gradient 1
/gps/intercept 1

# tbeam run
/tbeam/partNum 10
/tbeam/doRun 1


The theta distribution is not centered on the Z axis, but goes from 0 to 10 deg.

I need some way to "realign" the gun, so that the cone is centered in the 
middle of the first surface of the detector.

I thought I should use angrot1/rot2, because these seem to be the 
commands for changing the gun's coordinate system.  

But I haven't been able to get it firing in the "center" of my detector.

Here is a screenshot of 10 particles, where the firing pattern is not aligned in the
center of the first detector plane:  

I just want to adjust the relative coordinate system of the gun 
so my theta/phi distributions are centered along the Z axis.  

All my attempts at setting of min/max theta/phi or angrot1/2
haven't solved this problem for me.

Thanks, and let me know if more info is needed.


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