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Forum: Event and Track Management
Date: 11 Jul, 2013
From: Balint Radics <Balint Radics>


I am using 4.9.5 p02. I would like to apply region cuts for a certain region of my detector. It is a sensitive detector.
Here is what I am doing but it does not seem to work

1) In my detector construction:

   G4Tubs* innertrackerDriftGapTube = ...

 G4LogicalVolume* innertrackerDriftGapLog
     = new G4LogicalVolume(innertrackerDriftGapTube, Ar, "InnerTrackerDriftGap");

   // create region for this gap region so that
   // stepping length can be specified for this region
   innertrackerDriftRegion = new G4Region("InnerTrackerDriftRegion");

  G4Region * region = G4RegionStore::GetInstance()->GetRegion("InnerTrackerDriftRegion");
   G4ProductionCuts* cuts = new G4ProductionCuts;

 innertrackerDriftGapLog->SetFieldManager(field->fieldMgr, allLocal);

  new G4PVPlacement(0,                       // no rotation
      G4ThreeVector(pos_x, pos_y, pos_z),
      // translation position
      innertrackerDriftGapLog,              // its logical volume
      "InnerTrackerDriftGap",               // its name
      logicWorld,                // its mother (logical) volume
      false,                   // no boolean operations

2) In my main executable, where I define a reference physics list:

  QGSP_BERT_CHIPS * physlist = new QGSP_BERT_CHIPS(ver);
  physlist->SetCutsForRegion(0.01*mm, "InnerTrackerDriftRegion");

After running I see some charged particles passing through this region I define above but the Step Length seems to be still several mm. This region is filled with gas. The output shows a Step Length of 2.67 mm:

* G4Track Information:   Particle = pi+,   Track ID = 178,   Parent ID = 3
Step#      X         Y         Z        KineE    dEStep   StepLeng  TrakLeng    Volume     Process
   25  -8.29 cm  -2.14 mm  -12.9 cm   87.1 MeV  1.15 keV  2.67 mm   7.04 cm InnerTrackerDriftGap   Transportation

--> StepLeng = 2.67 mm

Any ideas what I am misising to reduce the step length?


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