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Forum: Event and Track Management
Re: Question MuMultipleScattering not listed (Kendall)
Date: 19 Jun, 2013
From: Marc Verderi <Marc Verderi>


     When you look at processes using "/tracking/verbose 1" you only see 
processes which limit the step: the process name displayed is the one of 
the process which proposed the smallest step in the current step, and 
"won" the competition among processes. The multiple scattering does not 
limit the step, so it will not appear in this case, but it truly acts 
     If you want to see its actual action, try "/tracking/verbose 4" 
-and be prepared for heavy output !- , this will display all processes 
invokation (regardless the process limited the step or not).
     An other way to check for the presence of a process:
     /particle/select mu-
will display all processes attached to the mu- .


On 06/19/2013 03:54 PM, Kendall wrote:
> *** Discussion title: Event and Track Management
> Hi there,
> I am new to Geant4 and have run into something that I can't seem to make
> sense of. I have been browsing the forum off and on for a few weeks now
> trying to make sure that my question hasn't already been asked. So far I
> have found very little on the matter, but if I have missed the answer to
> my question somewhere, please forgive me for posting it here a second
> time.
> My question has to do with muon multiple scattering and why it is not
> being listed as an occurring process, even when I turn the tracking
> verbosity up quite high. As a simple example, if I send a 4GeV muon
> through a world volume made of air but with a 10x10x10 cm block of lead
> in it, the standard deviation of the scattering angle through the lead
> should be about 1 degree. I can see this happening very clearly in my
> simulation, but the only process that gets listed in the tracking
> details while the muon is in the lead is muon ionization.
> I believe that multiple scattering is happening (when I turn this
> process off, the muon travels straight through the lead), but it worries
> me that the process doesn't get listed and I would like to find out why.
> I would very much appreciate any information you can give me on the
> matter. And if you need any more details from me, please don't hesitate
> to ask.
> Thank you very much in advance.
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