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Question confused about the hierarchy of G4Run/Event/Stepping/StackingAction  

Forum: Event and Track Management
Date: 06 Nov, 2012
From: Yen-Yung Chang <Yen-Yung Chang>

Dear G4 experts: I've built a special surface between two volumes which has its special absorbance, reflectance and transmittance. Then I put a scintillator in front of it. Now I want to record event by event the distribution of where the optical photons are absorbed and fill a histogram of total number of absorbed photon per event. So I write this in my

     && thePrePVname  == "glass" && thePostPVname == "MAPMTinside"
     && aTrack->GetTrackStatus() == fStopAndKill)
          G4double X = aTrack->GetPosition().x();
          G4double Y = aTrack->GetPosition().y();
          G4double Z = aTrack->GetPosition().z();
          G4double IncidentAngle = 0.0;

The problem is I have to declare this MAPMTimage(a TH2D histogram of ROOT) in SteppingAction.hh so that I can check the track step by step. If I want to declare histograms event by event in EventAction.hh as:

fullName = "MAPMTimage#" + eventNumber; TH2D* MAPMTimage = (fullName,fullName,...range and bins...);

and fill it down in the SteppingAction, I can't find MAPMTimage there. Thank you very much for your help!

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to: "confused about the hierarchy of G4Run/Event/Stepping/StackingAction "

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