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Re: Question Set TrackStatus Question (Neoh)
Re: Feedback Re: Set TrackStatus Question (Michael H. Kelsey)
Re: Question Re: Set TrackStatus Question (Neoh)
Date: 26 Jun, 2012
From: Michael H. Kelsey <Michael H. Kelsey>

Neoh writes:
> Thank you for the reply.
> [ I wrote: ]
> > If you're really meaning to implement a hadronic "model", then you
> > should inherit from G4HadronicInteraction, and use the "RegisterMe()"
> > function to attach your model to the appropriate InelasticProcess when
> > building your physics list.
> Yes, this is what I am currently doing.
> One last question. What would I expect if, for some reason, I didn't set
> track status in the code (only add secondaries list)? Would it flag an
> error/warning, or is there a default track status for each track?

The default status is fAlive.  If your hadronic model absorbs the primary
(i.e., if it's an inelastic interaction), then you *must* set StopAndKill to
conserve four-momentum, since the secondaries sum up to the original

The only time you would leave the status fAlive for an inelastic model is if
the interaction failed.  In that case, you initialize G4HadFinalState in
your model with the track's input momentum, and the fAlive return tells
tracking that nothing happened, and the particle should move on to the next

If you're implementing a "quasi-elastic" model, then it is possile for the
original projectile to be scattered and to remain in an fAlive state, but
with a lower energy and different momentum direction, even though you have
secondaries.  In that case, you'll set fAlive, the new primary kinematics,
and fill the secondaries list.

Finally, a true _elastic_ model would always set fAlive, together with the
changed kinematics.  If you want the recoiling nucleus to be tracked, then
you would put it onto the list of secondaries as a G4Ions instance.

      -- Mike

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