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Question Re: Particle entering volume, ProcessHits() 

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Re: Question Particle entering volume, ProcessHits()
Re: Feedback Re: Particle entering volume, ProcessHits() (Gumplinger Peter)
Re: News Re: Particle entering volume, ProcessHits()
Re: Feedback Re: Particle entering volume, ProcessHits() (Gumplinger Peter)
Date: 17 Feb, 2012
From: <Santos>

On Fri, 17 Feb 2012 06:49:05 GMT, Gumplinger Peter wrote:

> Everything looks good to me .... except, I don't know why you continue
> to print: vertpos (1162.01,-301.553,2078.33) in the two cases. I don't
> know what vertpos is but it doesn't seem to change for the two entry
> points: (1.16 m -30.2 cm 2.08 m) and (1.19 m -30.9 cm 2.13 m) - that's
> your programming.
> When you look careful you see what the photon does. It starts in
> CellWrapPhys then exits CellWrapPhys (going into CellLucitePhys), then
> exits CellLucitePhys (going into CellActivePhys), then exits
> CellActivePhys (it goes in a single step through CellActivePhys and it
> goes into CellLucitePhys) - it is this step where the PreStepPoint is at
> the entrance and the PostStepPoint at the exit of your active volume. It
> then steps in CellLucitePhys but not all the way through - there is a
> compton scatter inside CellLucitePhys. This must change its direction.
> On the next step it leaves CellLucitePhys and enters CellActivePhys
> again. The next step is in CellActivePhys but only to another location
> where a compton scatter occurs - you print again because the
> PreStepPoint is fBoundary.
> Anyway, this seems all reasonable to me.

Please, ignore the vertpos -- that was the vertex position by which I made sure that it was the same track, before I found out about capabilities of SteppingVerbose: vertpos = aTrack->GetVertexPosition();

I introduced this "just_entered" variable to keep track of the particle that caused the current energy deposition in the sensitive volume. Say, if gamma entered the volume, then even if there was a pair creation process, and the electron deposits some energy, it is still attributed to photon as the cause.

In this case I am afraid of wrongly assigning some of the deposited energy, (and overcounting particles in case they bounce back). If the same pair creation happens, after the photon exited the sensitive volume, and then the electron is bouncing back, this way will miss it as part of the photon deposition.

How would you recommend I do "particle bookkeeping" then?

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