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Question how to add additional secondaries in UserStepingAction? 

Forum: Event and Track Management
Date: 05 Jun, 2011
From: Emil Frlez <Emil Frlez>


 I am having ~30 keV protons thru a thin 1e-4mm metalic foil
 and I would like to simulate the secondary electron 
 emission from the surface. I have a semi-empirical formula
 that gives me the yield of the SE electrons and I would
 like to implement it in G4UserSteppingAction.

 OK - I know that there is a proper and elegant way to do it,
 but I am sort of pressed for time ;8-( (Create a new G4 process?)

 Is it possible for a user to create additional secondaries
 in G4UserSteppingAction? If so, what is the proper way? I was not
 able to find any examples ... (I vagely remember I was doing it in
 GEANT3 and that was easy)

 My backup option is really lame - in the first pass write out
 a text file with the proton position/momentum in front of the foil 
 and figure of number of additional secondaries after proton passes thru
 the foil and in the second pass read the kinematic from that
 text file and treat all particles as primaries. I know,
 I will not get any programming award for that solution ....

                                       Cheers, Emil

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to: "how to add additional secondaries in UserStepingAction?"

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