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None Re: 'non-continous' electron trajectories 

Forum: Fields: Magnetic and Otherwise
Re: None 'non-continous' electron trajectories (Dragos Constantin)
Re: None Re: 'non-continous' electron trajectories (John Apostolakis)
Re: None Re: 'non-continous' electron trajectories (Dragos Constantin)
Re: None Re: 'non-continous' electron trajectories (John Apostolakis)
Date: 26 Mar, 2016
From: Dragos Constantin <Dragos Constantin>

Dear John,

I was too foccused on the reply and I did not realize it was you and not John Allison. In fact as I was writing I wondered myself why is John Allison answering in this forum :)

So, simple scattering does not produce those discontinuities along the tracks, and despite being more computationally intensive compared to the MSC models, it suits my problem much better.

Best regards,


On Wed, 23 Mar 2016 21:18:27 GMT, John Apostolakis wrote:

> Dear Dragos,
> In nearly all Geant4 simulations no lateral displacement is applied at a boundary.  There has recently been an experimental mode of MSc which tries to apply such a ‘correction’, but it experimental and valid only in certain types of geometries.
> If you use the single-scattering mode of MSC, then these kinks should disappear.  So checking this will be a good confirmation.
> By the way, it was my long-time Geant4 colleague John Allison who responded about visualisation.
> John Apostolakis
> ===================================================
> John Apostolakis,  EP Department, CERN
> SFT (SoFTware for Experiments) Group
> Office: Building 32/ room R-003 (ground floor),  Mail: J27210
> Email:       Office Tel:  +41-22-767-7239
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> > On 21 Mar 2016, at 16:55, Dragos Constantin <> wrote:
> > 
> > 
> > *** Discussion title: Fields: Magnetic and Otherwise
> > 
> > Dear John,
> > 
> > What you are describing makes sense. However, I wonder what happens if
> > the trajectory crosses in a volume with higher Z before the MSC event
> > happens? Is the correction applied at the volume boundary? I am going to
> > look at the simple scattering model to see if these artifacts are
> > present for that model as well. Originally I thought it might be the
> > OpenGL issue you have mentioned last week in here:
> > 
> >
> > 
> > Thanks again,
> > 
> > Dragos
> > 
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