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Question Re: Spin Tracking in B-field 

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Re: Question Spin Tracking in B-field (Victor)
Re: Feedback Re: Spin Tracking in B-field (Gumplinger Peter)
Date: 29 Apr, 2014
From: Victor <Victor>

Hello Peter,

Thanks a lot for your quick reply!!! To answer couple of your questions:

>>> How do you identify the 'primary' e-; with:
>>> aTrack->GetParentID() == 0
>>> and (&&) for good measure also:
>>> aTrack->GetTrackID() == 1

That's exactly what I do in SD, except I do not call aTrack->GetTrackID()==1. Not 100% sure in here, but isn't it redundant - anyway that's not the most important - I will add it...

>>> You can also follow the progression of the spin with G4SteppingVerbose by 
>>> setting the verbosity to 4.
>>> /tracking/verbose 4

So, first of, i used QGSP_BERT, which seems like it doens't contain Polarization Physics - that was my mistake number 1!!!

Second, I copied Physics Lists from Geant4.10 examples/extended/polarization/Pol01, this example seems to contain Polarization EM Physics - which is exactly what I need.... Did that!

But here are the issues I found after correcting Physics List: As you suggested, I used /tracking/verbose 4: I attached just 2 snapshots for e- primary and for gamma(one of the secondaries)... For e- primary, you can notice that PreStep Polarization is set correctly, but the PostStep one - by some reason it's 0. The process here is Transportation... Any ideas??? For gamma, however, there is a spin info.... There was none for secondary e-, I didn't attach it here....

To point out the difference from QGSP_BERT, using QGSP_BERT gammas would have 0 polarization too - therefore, I assumed just above that QGSP_BERT doesn't cover Polarization....



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