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Question Re: simultaneous B and E fields 

Keywords: magnetic field, electric field
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Re: Question simultaneous B and E fields (Abigail Bickley)
Re: Feedback Re: simultaneous B and E fields (Gumplinger Peter)
Date: 16 Jul, 2007
From: Abigail Bickley <>

Thank you for your suggestion. If I understand correctly I still need to have a global field defined as a G4UniformMagField and then the local field is a superposition of the global B and local E fields.

Following your code I added the following lines to my

  // Global Magnetic Field
  G4double gbl_Bfield_x = 0.0*tesla;
  G4double gbl_Bfield_y = 2.0*tesla;
  G4double gbl_Bfield_z = 0.0*tesla;
  G4ThreeVector globalfieldVector = G4ThreeVector(gbl_Bfield_x,gbl_Bfield_y,gbl_Bfield_z);
  G4UniformMagField* fGlobalField = new G4UniformMagField(globalfieldVector);
  G4FieldManager* fGlobalFieldManager = G4TransportationManager::GetTransportationManager()->GetFieldManager();

  // Local Electric Field
  G4double lcl_Efield_x = 0.0*volt/cm;
  G4double lcl_Efield_y = -5000.0*volt/cm;
  G4double lcl_Efield_z = 0.0*volt/cm;
  G4ElectroMagneticField* fLocalField = new G4ElectroMagneticField(gbl_Bfield_x,gbl_Bfield_y,gbl_Bfield_z,lcl_Efield_x,lcl_Efield_y,lcl_Efield_z);
  G4FieldManager* fLocalFieldManager = G4TransportationManager::GetTransportationManager()->GetFieldManager();

My observation is that the global magnetic field is applied properly, but the local electric field causes the code to fail to compile. The error messages I receive seem to indicate that G4ElectroMagneticField is expecting an initialization with two doubles (not 6)? Do you have any suggestions for a way around this problem?

Compiling ...
src/ In member function `G4VPhysicalVolume* 
src/ error: cannot allocate an object of type `
src/ error:   because the following virtual 
   functions are abstract:
/opt/geant4.8.2/include/G4ElectroMagneticField.hh:75: error:    virtual void 
   G4ElectroMagneticField::GetFieldValue(const G4double*, G4double*) const
/opt/geant4.8.2/include/G4ElectroMagneticField.hh:79: error:    virtual G4bool 
   G4ElectroMagneticField::DoesFieldChangeEnergy() const
make: *** [/projects/proj2/EOS_sim/TPC/tmp/Linux-g++-3.3/tpc/TPCDetectorConstruction.o] Error 1

Thank you

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