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Re: Question Need help implementing a radial electric field (Andrew Dummer)
Date: 22 Mar, 2004
From: John Apostolakis <John Apostolakis>

Dear Andrew, 

To use this or another type of field, you will need to create a new
class for this case, which can be similar to the Uniform Electric Field.

The class can eg take V, b, a and an Axis as parameters.

In addition to the same include files etc, the core of an 
include file RadialElectricField.hh can be something like:

class RadialElectricField : public G4ElectricField
   RadialElectricField( G4double Voltage, G4double b, G4double a);

   virtual void GetFieldValue(const    G4double pos[4], 
                              G4double *field) const;
   G4double fVoltage;
   G4double fLogBAratio;
   G4ThreeVector  fAxis; 

and the core of the source file can be:

RadialElectricField(G4double Voltage, G4double b, 
                      G4double a,       G4ThreeVector Axis)
  fVoltage=    Voltage;   
  fLogBAratio= std::log(b/a); 
  fAxis=       Axis; 

RadialElectricField::GetFieldValue(const    G4double pos[4], 
                              G4double *field) const
  G4ThreeVector  position(pos[0], pos[1], pos[2]); 

  G4double radius = ... calculation of radius using Axis ...
  G4double fieldMag= Voltage / ( radius * fLogBAratio )  

  // Calculate direction here
  G4ThreeVector  unitDir = ....

  G4ThreeVector  Efield= fieldMag * unitDir; 

  // Return the field value
  field[0]= field[1]= field[2]= 0.0;   // Magnetic field
  field[3]= Efield.x(); 
  field[4]= Efield.y();
  field[5]= Efield.z();


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