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Re: Question GDML MultiFuse. (Keith Sloan)
Date: Mar 03, 23:37
From: Gabriele Cosmo <Gabriele Cosmo>

Hi Keith,

in the example, the two position/rotation references refer to the second
node of the multi-union; "node-1" and "node-2" define the multi-union
structure and each of the nodes can have a transformation (position/rotation)
associated to them and relative to the structure (in this case only "node-2" has

A transformation associated to the whole multi-union structure gets defined as
for a normal physical volume placement, i.e., for instance:

    <volume name="munion_log">
      <materialref ref="ALU"/>
      <solidref ref="multiUnion"/>
    <volume name="TOP">
      <materialref ref="AIR"/>
      <solidref ref="WorldBox"/>
      <physvol name="munion_phys">
        <volumeref ref="munion_log"/>
         <positionref ref="munion_pos"/>              <---
         <rotationref ref="munion_rot"/>              <---

Cheers, Gabriele

On Sat, 02 Mar 2019 07:59:15 GMT, Keith Sloan wrote:
> I am trying to Implement GDML and Geant4 Workbenchs for FreeCAD (see
> ) i.e. Ability to import and export GDML
> from FreeCAD.
> The GDML workbench in its current state is available at
> I am currently trying to add support for Booleans.
> I have a test file that has a FreeCAD MultiFuse of two objects. I am
> trying to code this up as a GDML MultiUnion. I not clear on the GDML
> documentation.
> The GDML User Guide has
> Another way to describe Union Solid is by using the MultiUnion
> construct, which offers possibility to make union of many solids. The
> following example illustrates the construction of a MultiUnion
> structure:
> Page 28 of 50
> <box name="box_first" x="1"
> <box name="box_second" x="4"
> y="5" z="20" /> y="4.5" z="18" />
> <multiUnion name= ="multiUnion" >
> <multiUnionNode name-"node-1">
> <solid ref="box_first" />
> </multiUnionNode>
> <multiUnionNode name="node-2">
> <solid ref="box_second" />
> <positionref ref="union_position" />
> <rotationref ref="union_rotation" />
> </multiUnionNode>
> </multiUnion> 
> I am confused on the position and rotation references. Do these only
> appear in the last solid? and apply to the combined object? And what
> about the relevant Logical Volume for the MultiUnion?
> Hope you can help - Thanks

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