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None Seg Fault on Rich LHCb 

Forum: Documentation and Examples
Date: 17 Oct, 2003
From: Jeremy McCormick <Jeremy McCormick>

I am running gcc 3.22 on Red Hat with Geant4.5.2.p01.

After modifying the examples/advanced/Rich code to compile with gcc 3.22, I ran into this mysterious Seg Fault.

Here follows the output from command-line run:

[jeremy@host Rich]$ bin/Linux-g++/RichTbSim
 Geant4 version $Name: geant4-05-02-patch-01 $
             Copyright : Geant4 Collaboration
 Run Configuration Input is from RunConfig.dat
Now getting the run configuration file. the Runconfig file name is RunConfig.dat
Current Run Configuration
Nitrogen Gas  Pressure=  1  bar
Nitrogen Gas  Temperature =  292   kelvin
Ref Index parametrization used 1
Addtional Mirror tilts wrt X and Y in rad 0  0
 RichTbHall_visib = 0
RichTbEnclosure_visib = 2
RichTbRad Frame_visib, FrameUpW_visib, FrameDnW  = 2   1  1
RichTbAerogel_visib, AerogelWrap_visib  = 11
RichTbFilter_visib = 1
RichTbMirror_visib = 1
RichTbHpdMaster_visib = 1
RichTbHpdEnvelopeTube_visib = 0
RichTbHpdQuartzW_visib = 1
RichTbHpdPhCathode_visib = 1
RichTbHpdSiDet_visib = 1
RichTbHpdSiSectCoat_visib = 0
RichTbHpdSiPx_visib = 0
RichTbDrawTrajectory_visib =  1
RichTbPhElectronEnergy = 16
RichTbRunConfig: In the G4example  only 1 type of filter used
Glass D263 Filter trans is from ../inputData/FilterTransInput.dat
Filter Number   =  0
  Filter Type = 0
Number of Aerogel Tiles 1
 AerogelNumber and Type 0   0
Aerogel RefIndex Input file Name is ../inputData/aerogelRefIndexInput.dat
Now reading Std Aerogel Ref Index from ../inputData/aerogelRefIndexInput.dat
Ref index reference value outside bounds
Ref index reference value outside bounds
Ref index reference value outside bounds
Ref index reference value outside bounds
Ref index reference value outside bounds
Write Outfile File Flag set to 0
OutputData file = ../outputData/MyOutputDataFile
OutputHistoDir = ../HistoOutputVop/
Number of beam particles per event = 1
Particle Type Code 0  piminus
Particle Start Pos and Direction Energy codes 0  0   0
Energy code 0 is for charged particle and 1 is for photon generation using particle gun
Gun Gen Charged Particle energy in GeV is 9
Gun Gen Photon energy range in eV is 1.305  7.2
 Now define the physics List
Visualization Manager instantiating...

You have successfully chosen to use the following graphics systems.
Current available graphics systems are:
  OpenGLImmediateX (OGLIX)
  OpenGLStoredX (OGLSX)
  OpenGLImmediateXm (OGLIXm)
  OpenGLStoredXm (OGLSXm)
  RayTracer (RayTracer)
 PVVisManager 0
VisManager 0x80a6cc0

Now Define Elements ..

Now Define Materials ..

Segmentation fault


gdb backtrace says this:

(gdb) bt
#0  0x41a20478 in G4Element::increaseCountUse() (this=0x3e8)
    at G4Element.hh:165
#1  0x41a1cf85 in G4Material::AddElement(G4Element*, double) (this=0x80cc7e8,
    element=0x3e8, fraction=0.69999999999999996) at src/
#2  0x4005b937 in RichTbMaterial (this=0x80bdff0, RConfig=0x80a0530)
    at src/
#3  0x40045133 in RichTbDetectorConstruction::Construct() (this=0x809fbf8)
    at src/
#4  0x415144da in G4RunManager::InitializeGeometry() (this=0x8090c78)
    at src/
#5  0x415143f9 in G4RunManager::Initialize() (this=0x8090c78)
    at src/
#6  0x0804ac87 in main (argc=1, argv=0xbfffe9e4) at
#7  0x422856a4 in __libc_start_main () from /lib/tls/


(gdb) f 2
#2  0x4005b937 in RichTbMaterial (this=0x80bdff0, RConfig=0x80a0530)
    at src/
178       TAir->AddElement(elN, fractionmass=0.7);


I suspect a bad G4Element pntr, as "element=0x3e8" is not a valid 32-bit address.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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