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Question ExampleB1 issues  

Forum: Documentation and Examples
Date: 28 Aug, 2015
From: Medoo Saudi <Medoo Saudi>


I have changed little the geometry in B1 and but world to be air and box of water , energy to be eg. 1.Mev

but there is still iteractions in the air which is mean that the out of the box is not air .

I want to know how to check that to be sure .


  // Get nist material manager
  G4NistManager * man = G4NistManager::Instance();

  G4Material * AIR = man->FindOrBuildMaterial("G4_AIR");

// Envelope parameters
  G4double env_sizeXY = 20*cm, env_sizeZ = 30*cm;

  // Option to switch on/off checking of volumes overlaps
  G4bool checkOverlaps = true;

  G4cout << *(G4Material::GetMaterialTable()) << G4endl;

  // World
  G4double world_sizeXY = 1.2*env_sizeXY;
  G4double world_sizeZ  = 1.2*env_sizeZ;
  G4Material* world_mat = nist->FindOrBuildMaterial("G4_AIR");

  G4Box* solidWorld =    
    new G4Box("World",                       //its name
       0.5*world_sizeXY, 0.5*world_sizeXY, 0.5*world_sizeZ);     //its size

  G4LogicalVolume* logicWorld =                         
    new G4LogicalVolume(solidWorld,          //its solid
                        world_mat,           //its material
                        "World");            //its name

  G4VPhysicalVolume* physWorld = 
    new G4PVPlacement(0,                     //no rotation
                      G4ThreeVector(),       //at (0,0,0)
                      logicWorld,            //its logical volume
                      "World",               //its name
                      0,                     //its mother  volume
                      false,                 //no boolean operation
                      0,                     //copy number
                      checkOverlaps);        //overlaps checking

  // Shape 2
  G4Material* shape2_mat = nist->FindOrBuildMaterial("G4_WATER");
  G4ThreeVector pos2 = G4ThreeVector(0, 0*cm, 0*cm);

    G4VSolid* solidShape2 =    
    new G4Box("Shape2",                      //its name
              5*cm, 5*cm, 5*cm); //its size

  G4LogicalVolume* logicShape2 =                         
    new G4LogicalVolume(solidShape2,         //its solid
                        shape2_mat,          //its material
                        "Shape2");           //its name

  new G4PVPlacement(0,                       //no rotation
                    pos2,                    //at position
                    logicShape2,             //its logical volume
                    "Shape2",                //its name
                    logicWorld,                //its mother  volume
                    false,                   //no boolean operation
                    0,                       //copy number
                    checkOverlaps);          //overlaps checking

    fScoringVolume = logicShape2;              
any help please .

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