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Question make of example G01 throws up errors 

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Date: 21 Oct, 2010
From: Richard Gillham Darnley <Richard Gillham Darnley>


I have installed (I think succesfully) geant4.9.3.p02 on my Ubuntu 10.0.4 system with the following visualization and geometry environment variables set:


The configuration and build went succesfully after ensuring I had all the correct openGL and other library files.

Eventually I want to use the General Radiation Analysis Software (GRAS) for my radiation shielding work but I thought I would test my gdml/xercesc install beforehand.

I chose to start with example G01 but make threw up some errors, here is the full output from make:

>> Making dependency for file ...
>> Making dependency for file src/ ...
>> Making dependency for file src/ ...
>> Compiling ...
>> Compiling ...
>> Creating shared library /home/richard/g4work/tmp/Linux-
>> g++/load_gdml/ ...
>> Compiling ...
>> In file included from
>> /home/richard/geant4/geant4.9.3.p02/include/G4RunManager.hh: In member 
>> function ‘void G4RunManager::SetRandomNumberStoreDir(const G4String&)’:
>> /home/richard/geant4/geant4.9.3.p02/include/G4RunManager.hh:357: warning: 
>> ignoring return value of ‘int system(const char*)’, declared with attribute >> warn_unused_result
>> Using global libraries ...
>> Linking load_gdml
>> /home/richard/g4work/tmp/Linux-g++/load_gdml/exe/load_gdml.o: In function 
>> `G4VisExecutive::RegisterGraphicsSystems()':
>> (.text._ZN14G4VisExecutive23RegisterGraphicsSystemsEv[G4VisExecutive::
>> RegisterGraphicsSystems()]+0x17d): undefined reference to 
>> `G4RayTracerX::G4RayTracerX()'
>> (.text._ZN14G4VisExecutive23RegisterGraphicsSystemsEv[G4VisExecutive::
>> RegisterGraphicsSystems()]+0x19f): undefined reference to 
>> `G4VRML1::G4VRML1()'
>> (.text._ZN14G4VisExecutive23RegisterGraphicsSystemsEv[G4VisExecutive::
>> RegisterGraphicsSystems()]+0x1c1): undefined reference to 
>> `G4VRML2::G4VRML2()'
>> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
>> make: *** [/home/richard/g4work/bin/Linux-g++/load_gdml] Error 1

Are these errors related to missing raytracer/vrml components or something to do with gdml/xercesc?

To use GRAS later, I have another question, where is the gdml/lib folder? I can find the include folder in: /home/richard/geant4/geant4.9.3.p02/source/persistency/gdml But there is no lib folder.

Thanks in advance,


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