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None Information output not in correct order 

Forum: Documentation and Examples
Date: 21 Jan, 2010
From: Neoh <Neoh>

Ok, I'm currently refering example N02 to write my own code and found some issue with the ouput of this example. Maybe this is trivial, but I think I should share this in case I am wrong, or in case this happens to other examples as well.

I've done some testing and notice that in, line 82 to 86 under G4SDManager::AddNewDetector, the condition

  if( verboseLevel > 0 )
    G4cout << "New sensitive detector <" << aSD->GetName()
         << "> is registored at " << pathName << G4endl;

is always evaluated before any changes to verboseLevel could be made. By default verboseLevel is set to 0. Even after verboseLevel is subsequently changed (either with macro file or through UI command), the above evaluation is never positive and thus the display "New sensitive detector..." is never shown.

I believe the original intention is to allow the verboseLevel to respond to macro or UI command so that verbosity is truely managable.



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