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None LXR setup for Geant 

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Date: 19 Nov, 2009
From: Robert Penny <Robert Penny>


I'm trying to set up LXR to cross reference a couple of large source
trees I'm using, namely Geant and VTK.  

I'm having trouble getting the out-of-the-box LXR package to correctly
locate and hyperlink the include files in Geant.  My understanding of
LXR is that you set the 'incprefix' value in lxr.conf to a list of
possible include directories in the source tree.  The trouble is that
the Geant source tree places many include-file directories near the end
branches of the source tree.  A quick search with 'find' indicates 234
include directories in the tree.

I've tried setting up up 'incprefix' to point to a "../include" from the
source file being displayed without success.  (I can't find a way to
specify this as being relative to the position of the source file rather
than relative to the head of the source tree.)

Is anyone on the list familiar with the details of the lxr.conf used to
cross reference and display Geant?  Or was LXR itself hacked to make it
work for the Geant source tree.  If it was simply done by a well-crafted
lxr.conf I'd love to see a copy of this.  (Of course it should be
sanitized to remove any database passwords or other sensitive info

I've done my own hack, where if the include file is not found through
the standard mechanism, the file is looked for in the relational
database table 'lxr_files' that is generated when the source is cross
referenced with 'genxref'.  So far this works like a charm, though I
haven't extensively tested it.  I'm mildly concerned, in principle,
about duplicated hits on include files with the same name in different
parts of the source tree.  However, I haven't found any cases of this in
Geant source tree so it's probably a moot point.


Robert D. Penny <>

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