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Re: Question Version Control Software On Mac (Matt Worden)
Date: 09 Oct, 2009
From: Paul Nicholas Colin Gloster <Paul Nicholas Colin Gloster>

On Fri, 9 Oct 2009, Matt Worden submitted:

|"I am not sure if this is the correct forum to post this question."   |

Better somewhere than nowhere.

|"Does anyone use Version Control Software with their Geant projects? If|
|you do what software do you use?"                                      |

Some people do, I do not. I used to use version control software with
other things (never related to Geant) (CVS once and Subversion once),
but I am not currently working on anything which really needs
them. The Geant4 collaboration used to use CVS for Geant4 itself, but
has replaced CVS with Subversion. CVS is used for MEGAlib.

I currently use Geant to perform simulations which do not need to be
maintained, for example on one day I simulated a detector of a given
volume; on another day I simulated a variant with a different volume;
and on another day I simulated a variant with the volume split into a
different layout. After the simulations were run, I do not need to
continue using them and changing them. This would be unlike
maintaining the Geant4 library itself, in which the collaboration
needs to be able to check when a change to a particular process was
made years ago and to be able to undo changes if necessary. In other
words, version control is for something which needs to last and whose
changes need to be tracked, whereas simulations which I perform are
unique (albeit, often somewhat similar) and are run approximately once
and used approximately never again.

Neither CVS nor Subversion is excellent. If you still plan to use
version control software, then perhaps you could consider trying
Monotone as someone who I can vouch for as being a better than average
programmer who is not an idiot recommended it on:

Unfortunately that webpage is aimed at experts of version control, so
if you try to read it then I provide the following tips after scanning
it (I had read it months ago) for slang:
repo = repository;
IMHO = In My Humble Opinion;
info = a GNU command for accessing documentation;
diffs = outputs from the  diff  UNIX command which shows differences
between versions.

You might instead consider Darcs,
, which was by a physicist. But so was C...

I thought that I had heard a rumour that the Haskell community was
abandoning Darcs, but perhaps I imagined it.

|" Do you have to put the entire Geant4                                |
|Class Library in the repository?                                      |
|                                                                      |
|I am just beginning to set up version control and any experience or   |
|hints would be appreciated.                                           |
|                                                                      |
|Thanks Matt Worden"                                                   |

You do not need to put any of Geant4 into the repository. The
repository is for files created by you (and colleagues, if any).

Yours sincerely,
Colin Paul Gloster

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