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None Re: GDML example in GEANT4.9.1p01!!!! 

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Re: None GDML example in GEANT4.9.1p01!!!! (Francisco Garcia)
Date: 08 Apr, 2008
From: Francisco Garcia <Francisco Garcia>

knock, knock!!!!


Can somebody comment something about this? I mean in terms of whether will be some actions in the future or it's not so important?

Here is one example of the tree I have got using the GDML_2_10_0

/vis/drawTree world ATree
/vis/drawTree world ATree
/vis/open ATree
/vis/sceneHandler/create ATree
/vis/viewer/create ! ! 600
/vis/drawVolume world
/vis/scene/add/volume world
/vis/viewer/refresh viewer-1
G4ASCIITreeSceneHandler::BeginModeling: writing to G4 standard output (G4cout)
#  Set verbosity with "/vis/ASCIITree/verbose <verbosity>":
#    <  10: - does not print daughters of repeated placements, does not repeat replicas.
#    >= 10: prints all physical volumes.
#  The level of detail is given by verbosity%10:
#  for each volume:
#    >=  0: physical volume name.
#    >=  1: logical volume name (and names of sensitive detector and readout geometry, if any).
#    >=  2: solid name and type.
#    >=  3: volume and density.
#    >=  5: daughter-subtracted volume and mass.
#  and in the summary at the end of printing:
#    >=  4: daughter-included mass of top physical volume(s) in scene to depth specified.
#  Note: by default, culling is switched off so all volumes are seen.
#  Note: the mass calculation takes into account daughters, which can be time consuming.  If you want the mass of a particular subtree to a particular depth:
#    /vis/open ATree
#    /vis/ASCIITree/verbose 14
#    /vis/scene/create
#    /vis/scene/add/volume <subtree-physical-volume> ! <depth>
#    /vis/sceneHandler/attach
#    /vis/viewer/flush
#  Now printing with verbosity 0
#  Format is: PV:n
#  Abbreviations: PV = Physical Volume,     LV = Logical Volume,
#                 SD = Sensitive Detector,  RO = Read Out Geometry.
/vis/viewer/update viewer-1

Best regards,


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