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None Problem with extended/runandevent/RE02 

Keywords: example runandevent RE02; parentTouchable
Forum: Documentation and Examples
Date: 26 Jan, 2007
From: Sylvia Studeny <>


I'm very interested in NestedParameterisation, so after installing 
Geant4.8.2 (and testing it successfully with N02 and older own programs),
 I wanted to try RE02. But there something strange happens: 
When I run it in with UI (so the vi.mac opens) it gives me a segmentation
fault from line 79 in

I looked into this and wondered about 2 things:
1) where do you cope for parentTouch=0?
2) why is 
  G4int ix = parentTouch->GetReplicaNumber(0);
  G4int iy = parentTouch->GetReplicaNumber(1);
whereas in the scorers it is always:
  G4int ix = touchable->GetReplicaNumber(1);
  G4int iy = touchable->GetReplicaNumber(2);

I included "if(parentTouch==0){return 0;}" at the beginning of the ComputeMaterial-method and it worked! I still have to think about the second thing.

And I have another strange thing happening with this example: When it has run through everything and deleted RunManager and everything, there is another strange message:

Function "even copy # (0-False,1-True)" not defined.

I didn't find anything which could cause this so far and I didn't get it with N02 and my own programms. Can you tell me what is wrong? Many greetings Sylvia

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