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Re: Question general questions regarding G4LogicalBorderSurface (Aaron)
Date: 02 Aug, 2006
From: Gumplinger Peter <Gumplinger Peter>

Aaron, sorry for the long delay in replying to your posting. You were unlucky in sending it on the day I went on an extended vacation.

> 1) I am trying to simulate a scintillator box with 4 sides surrounded

>    by one medium and the remaining two sides surrounded by a different

>    one.  Is G4LogicalBorderSurface the right class to use (as opposed

>    to G4LogicalSkinSurface or some other class)?

YES, G4LogicalBorderSurface is the class you want. G4LogicalSkinSurface assumes all sides of a solid have one and the same 'skin'.

> Using this class, is it possible to take into account the different

> media on each side of the box by specifying the two volumes on either

> side of each surface?


> I have heard people say that GEANT4 can currently only handle the same

> optical properties on all sides of a volume.

Not true,

> Does this refer to G4LogicalSkinSurface and not

> G4LogicalBorderSurface?

Yes, refers only to the special case of 'SkinSurface'.

> Is there an order to the two volumes that the constructor takes?


> I do not understand why there should be, but some of the

> documentation that I read makes me think that there is.

Yes, I kind of agree with you. However, I felt that making the order relevant I can be more general for the eventual cases where the optical properties may have to be defined differently depending on which direction the optical photon arrives at the surface.

If, in your simulation, it is possible for photons to arrive at a G4LogicalBorderSurface from both directions you need to specify (probably identical) two G4LogicalBorderSurfaces.

As a reminder, if your surface is between two dielectric media, perfectly smooth and doesn't require a G4OpticalSurface to describe it, you don't need to define any kind of G4LogicalSurface. The refraction indexes are simply taken from the media on each side of the volume boundary.

In any case, you need to build your geometry in such a way that your scintillator box is embedded in a mother volume with medium1 for the four sides and bud up against two daughters (of that same mother) with medium2 at the two other sides.

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