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Question compiling examples - G4TMPDIR and G4BINDIR 

Keywords: installation examples
Forum: Documentation and Examples
Date: 07 Jun, 2002
From: Tom Roberts <Tom Roberts>

I am trying to compile the examples on an instance of geant4 installed in a system area to which I don't have write access. So following instructions I copied $G4INSTALL/.../N01 to my $HOME and tried to make it. It fails because it tries to write into $G4INSTALL/tmp and $G4INSTALL/bin. So I tried copying the first-level included-makefile into my directory and modifing its values: G4TMPDIR=/tmp and G4BINDIR=".". That did not solve the problem.

On my home system (for which I have root privileges) I simply gave world-write permissions to those 2 directories, and I could make and run the examples, using an absolute path to execute them from $G4INSTALL/bin.

This is Geant 4.0.1 at FNAL, and Geant 4.4.0 at home; both on Linux.

So how do I compile the examples without root access and without completely re-installing geant4 under $HOME?

Shouldn't the makefiles test whether these variables are set, and not use hard-coded values for them if the user has set them?

The main purpose of examples is to provide code which users can copy and then modify. This of course includes the makefiles. It is an unwelcome surprise when the executable is built in some far-off directory -- users invariably expect it in ".". IMHO a better design for the makefiles would be to use "." for both these dirs unless the variables are set; that meets user expectations better, while permitting the original usage (with only minor changes).

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