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Re: Question memory leak in exrdm (Carter Hall)
Date: 27 Jul, 2005
From: Fan Lei <Fan Lei>

This is most likely NOT a memory leak, but due to the increase in size of memory based tuples created in the application.


Below some offline discussions on this issue:


Dear Fan,

    sorry for the late answer, too many other things (as usual) :-(

For the XML format we have discussed in AIDA and found no way to do the kind of "flushing" of buffers like other tools can do using a proprietary format. The XML files (esp. the compressed ones) are streams which are not buffered. So the only way of doing this is to split them in several files ("chaining" these on reading back) which will have to have an "arbitrary" ways of setting the names from the original one.

On the other hand this can be easily done by the user through a little helper (opening another tree, copying the tuple to the new tree, closing the new tree, resetting the tuple on the original one). This way also the frequency of writing out (i.e. the number of files) is under control of the user.

I'm not sure if this answers your question, please let me know if not ....

	cheers,  andreas

> Forwarded is a discussion on possible memory leaks. One explanation is
> the increased size of ntuples in memory as the simulation progresses.
> My memory with HBOOK is that the memeory based data file is 
> automatically
> flushed out after it reached a certain size.  I don't know how this 
> issue
> is handled in AIDA/PI.
> Fan
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Fan Lei
> Sent: Thursday, July 21, 2005 9:14 AM
> To: 'Hall, Carter R.'
> Subject: RE: exrdm
> The increased usage of memory for esrdm is more likely due to the
> fact that in this example the information collected after each event
> are being hold in the memory and they are written disk files only at 
> the
> end of each run. As a number of tuples are filled at the end of each
> event in addition to histograms, the size of the data in memory goes up
> after each event...
> For real applications with large data file to be created, one has to 
> dump
> the tuples to disk files after every certain number of events, or 
> after the
> memory based data size reached a critical value. This is the case for 
> the
> old HBOOK data package. I would execpect similar function exists in the
> AIDA implementations. 
> Fan

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