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Question Radial dose deposition profile 

Forum: DNA/Very Low Energy
Date: Dec 14, 11:59
From: Baljeet Seniwal <Baljeet Seniwal>

Hello everyone

I am trying to compute the radial dose deposition profile in a simple water sphere of radius 5 micrometer. I am considering two situtations (a) Uniform distribution of source in a sphere of 4um (b) Uniform distribution of source in a shell of inner radius of 4um and outer of 5um.

I am computing the radial dose distribution using following function

G4ThreeVector prePoint  = aStep->GetPreStepPoint() ->GetPosition();
 G4ThreeVector postPoint = aStep->GetPostStepPoint()->GetPosition();
 G4ThreeVector point = prePoint + G4UniformRand()*(postPoint - prePoint);
 G4double r = point.mag();

I am able to compute right profile for the case (b) but I am stuck for case (a) my profile is very different from the literature. I consulted to example TestEm12 I am not able to find the problem. I am attaching my results and results from literature as well. Any kind of help will be appreciated.

Cheers Balli


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