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Re: Question How to model carbon ions using DNA physics? (Ivan Konobeev)
Date: Apr 16, 04:52
From: Pedro Gomes <Pedro Gomes>


I'm changing the example icsd and I also found some issues with carbon ions.

In the we have at the line 101:


I include:

#include "G4DNARuddIonisationExtendedModel.hh"

since it is the only one available for carbon ions (


} else if ( particleName == "carbon" ) {

            G4DNARuddIonisationExtendedModel* c_modelDNARuddIonisationExtended =
            new G4DNARuddIonisationExtendedModel();

            G4DNAModelInterface* c_ionisationInteraction= 
            new G4DNAModelInterface("c_ionisation_interaction");
            c_ionisationInteraction->RegisterModel(new G4DNAVacuumModel());
            c_ionisationInteraction->RegisterModel(c_modelDNARuddIonisationExtended, particle);

            G4DNAIonisation* c_DNAIonisationProcess = 
            new G4DNAIonisation("c_G4DNAIonisation");
            ph->RegisterProcess(c_DNAIonisationProcess, particle);

When I run the application I have no interactions (for carbon ions). I already tried with several energies.

What's missing?

Kind regards,

Pedro Gomes

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